Car Care Products to Your Door!

Our Story - A love of Cars

Our passion and mission is to give our customers access to a unique, growing and extensive range of car cleaning and car detailing options.

From Preparation - Removing contaminants that dull your vehicle's shine safely, our strip down, fallout removal, snow foam and our own brand clay bar can be used to lift embedded contaminants from your car's paintwork. Your Shine is only ever as good as your prep work!

Wheels – Ditch dreary, grey alloys with our selection of iron-removers and tyre dressings. Use with our wheel brushes and lock in the shine with alloy wheel protector - has what you need to keep a clean set of wheels!

Washing - Gently remove road contaminants from your pride and joy's paintwork with our offerings of car washing essentials. Shampoos, Dryers both electronic and microfibre / plush cloths.

Polishing & Correction - The fun part! Bring back your car's shine and machine in a deep reflective gloss with some choice polishing equipment and polishes and compounds. From wet sanding, to swirl removal and machine polishing, soon you will find some of the greatest products ready for your vehicle.

Protection and Finishing – What's the point of hard work if you don't protect it! Lock in your shine, safe from the Australian elements. Our growing range of car wax, canaubra waxceramic coating, glass armour and alloy wheel protection will keep your car looking its best!

Interior – Take a deep breath and soak up that new car smell. It's possible to keep your interior in A1 condeition with the right products, from air fresheners, leather cleaner, leather protection and a range of cleaning cloths and detailing brushes, you can prolong your cockpit's life.

Our range is ever going and we are working on some stunning additions in the coming year, aiming to bring you exclusive, superior car cleaning and car detailing products as well as workshop essentials to help you work in comfort.y5rf


Quick delivery and effective products! 

Kevin, Perth

Ordered the Pyramid Cermaic coating twice for our cars, turned up quickly and easy to use!

Clark, Sydney

My Care pack turned up quickly and was great for my Slk. Not familiar with cleaning cars but the guys gave me some great tips too x

Sarah, Melbourne