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5 Tips to a quick, clean car

5 Tips to a quick, clean car

Washing a car may seem simple but it can soon leave your paintwork flawed. There are a few rules of thumb that will mitigate the common causes of paintwork marring and damage - which manifest themselves in ugly swirls, ghastly scratches and dreadful webbing. Ultimately maintenance details are inevitable on a well-used car, but some easy to implement practices can help stave off the hard work.

Who says Red Can't Reflect? A Type R tale.

Who says Red Can't Reflect? A Type R tale.

We were in the Auto Exotica Showroom and fancied some work for idle hands.  

Keiro popped by looking to buy a 2008 Honda Civic which whilst only having 95,000 kms on the clock, had 10 years worth of swirl-marks (sponges are BAD, people!) So what better opportunity! We will cover all of the steps in more detail in the future, but the below is just a taster of the typical journey to making that paintwork shine once more!

You can see some of the worst-offending areas below.


It was dimming what was otherwise...

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