About Us

The best way to sum us up would be: Auto Addicts.


Our story starts in the UK in 2006, where a love of driving and all things auto by a couple of guys grey into an obsession with the beauty of the automobile. From autoshows to local cars, we became passionate about keeping cars in their best condition regardless of the make or model (although Porshces would be our favourites!) 

As time went on, we relocated to Australia on other business whilst continuing to be car nuts on the side. We quickly noticed the limited amount of products in the country and after a few years established our Perth-Based dealership and detailing centre, Auto Exotica which dealt with a wide array of used car sales and detailing anything from Honda Accords to 911's and 456's. After talking to the community however - and as enthusiasts ourselves - we wholeheartedly understand that sometimes the fun is in working on your own vehicle.

The Clean Car Store was born in 2018 to begin to provide Australian Enthusiasts with the tools, consumables and knowledge to create truly stunning results and affordable prices, bringing in the best products that we can find worldwide. With our partners at Auto Exotica in Welshpool, we provide car cleaning, detailing and product sales Australia wide.


This is just the beginning and we have an exciting lineup of products in the pipeline!