Show Room Shine - Double Dash

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Show Room Shine - Double Dash

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Clean Car's Own Showroom Shine Range has been developed for cost-effective products which pack a punch to keep your pride and joy looking its best. The emphasis is on a balance of cost, performance and usability - a formula which means the showroom can get the best results in a faced paced environment.

Double Dash is our blend of polymers which rejuvenates, cleans and adds a sumptuous matte finish to your dash and interior plastics. 


Simply spray onto a microfiber cloth and apply to dash. After the solution begins to haze/dry, buff off with a fresh and importantly dry second cloth. 

Despite being a matte finish a small amount of sheen can be attained by increasing the time that the solution sets for - so experiment on an inconspicuous area first - we suggest on the underside of the dash / footwell.

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